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Fake It Till You Make It - Contemporary Romance

Fake It Till You Make It - Contemporary Romance


Fake It Till You Make It : A User’s Guide

M. Ullrich

A refreshing proposal


This book has an interesting proposal. Many Queer people have to lie, to pretend being something/someone they are not - cis and straight- in order to keep their jobs and live their life. What if someone who identify as cis and straight had to lie, to pretend being Queer in order to live the life they want?


That’s Ullrich Idea. A contemporary fiction set in the USA, in the news publishing world.


Genevieve Applegate is dreaming of life in the city, money and excitement.  Everything her little town in Pennsylvania can not provide, neither can her boyfriend. In her quest for a new challenge she scores a job interview at Out Shore Magazine, a queer publication. That little detail escapes her when she applied, she wins the job and pretends to be a lesbian to fit in. From that moment Genevieve is mired in complications that arise from misunderstandings created by her little charade, However, when lies blurr with new truths and unexplored reality, untangling her feelings, desires and obligations become next to impossible for the young journalist. She is in deep trouble, and the situation can only explode destroying people around her or implode and destroyed herself in the process.


Ullrich has written a pleasant and not too angsty plot, where self discovery, inner truth and acceptance can grow. Genevieve and the reader can reflect on the many big questions of life together.


What can you do when you realise that who you thought you were and you you actually are, are not exactly the same?

Do you ever stop learning? Should you?

When learning means hurting people you care about, is it worth it?

Is being you worth the hassle?

How can you overcome the disappointment when an old friend turn out to be a closet misogynist, and backward jerk?


M. Ullrich has createda good light book while tapping in more serious matters. It’s a great achievement.


I recommend this book for a light and pleasant read.






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