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Rescue Me - A Canadian Tale


Rescue me Michelle Teichman Ylva

Rescue Me

By Michelle Teichman


Truly Canadian


This is the first Canadian-based story that really feels like everything-Canada. Speech patterns, words choices, descriptions, everything was on spot on - without conforming to the maple-syrup buck-hunter stereotype.


The police intrigue is well executed, the plot is not too easy to guess, and keeps you captivated. The hardship of being an undercover agent amongst another branch of police corps is well described by Teichman, in simplicity, yet with great realism. I loved the natural progression of the characters, it was organic and believable - just like the rest of the plot. The action scenes are very well written and easy to picture, making them realistic - in my own opinion.


It’s a book that I will most certainly re-read… and try to force upon all of my friends! - especially Canadians like me. I even might be tempted by a paperback copy, and I only get physical copies of my absolute favorites.


Now, let’s talk about the less positives details that need to be brought into the daylight.


The ending. It was rushed. For me, it felt like the last 2 chapters or so could have been a whole book - or a novella - by itself. The story did not need it. While it is fun to get an HEA, I think, in this case, it was a disservice to the story.


The cover. At first, I loved it. Then I read the book. How can I put this nicely… the book screams Canadian culture, yet the cover screams American cop show. Not a good representation of the book. A real RCMP or Toronto Police Service uniform would have been so much better. Much more authentic.


Anyways. Love it. I highly recommend it.


ARC Review

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