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Crossing the blurred lines


Blurred Lines (Cops&Docs1)

Crossing Lines (Cops&Docs2)

KD Williamson


The 2 that should have been 1


Blurred Lines & Crossing Lines are a single story split between 2 novels. It took me a while to figure out how I would review both of those books separately until it struck me. It’s my blog I do what the hell I want, so, I will review them together!


A couple of page in Blurred Lines and I was sucked in. KD Williamson writing style is enveloping and unique. A true delight to read. This series focuses on jobs, Police and Medical, how those two professions can cross path and sometimes be the incidental start of new relationships - of any nature.


Nora -the Doctor- is by far my favorite character. She is on the autism spectrum which is so great for diversity, but what is really great is how it is not a thing in the storyline. Nore just is. It is only a part of her. That’s the kind of positive representation any community deserve. I don’t even recall KD Williamson writing it down in the book Nora neurodivergence is just so well written that you don’t need the label to read it.


Kelli -the Detective- is a woman with a savior complex and deep commitment issues. Which makes her perfect for her job, but cause an unbalance in the rest of her life. She is loyal to a fault, neglecting herself in the process and her biggest challenge in this story might not come from her job, but within herself. To grow out of her shell and embrace life fully, or at least try too.


In Blurred Lines event ‘force’ Kelli and Nora to interact and intertwine their lives. Duty, friendship, family, and even love can drive people to take great risks. Some are worth it some aren’t. The catch is, some plot arcs are left unfinished. That is until  Crossing Lines which really finish the story. For me, both books should have been one, not two. So buy them together and don’t wait up to do so.

Oh and Nora's pet is a pig! Phineas. Scratch what I said about Nora being my favorite. Phineas wins hands down. 

I totally recommend you this series.

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