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Wild Rides: And Other Lesbian Erotic Adventure


Wild Rides: And Other Lesbian Erotic Adventures.


Publish by: DirtRoad


The first thing to know, Wild Rides is an anthology type of book. Meaning there are multiple unrelated stories in it, and of course, not every single one will be to your personal taste. Which is awesome and terrible. It forces you to work (bad) to find the one that attracts you, but you are almost certain to be entertained (good) by some of those short stories.


Let’s be “straight” … well as much as a bunch of queer readers can … with a title like Erotic Adventures, you ain’t expecting something PG-13. It delivers. It delivers like a tone of brick. You are almost guaranteed to find something to “cream your pants” to be as crude as some of those shorts.


What’s nice about this particular anthology is the range of style. The type of story are various, the writing styles are far from monotonous. One moment you read a very detail and crude story in a contemporary Amsterdam, the next you ride the Asian sea pirating your way!

Can’t call that boring! Plus the overall quality of the writing is to be mention. The diversity doesn’t stop at the style of stories, but with points of views also. First person point of view to Third person point of view, something for everyone.


The choice is there.

It’s up to the reader to pick something for them.

Did I like all of the stories?


Are they all top shelf quality?


Is it worth the reading time?

Yup. Yup.


Now read and flick you bean you perv!

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