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Bitten By Her


Bitten by Her

By Annabelle Jacobs



Where to began? Usually, as soon as I’ve finished a book I know what I thought about it. What were the strength and weakness, what did I like or not, what kind of audience will like it. With this one. I am stumped. 


If my preamble let you think that this book was bad, I’ve misled you. Wich, I am sorry for it, it ain’t bad, but for me, it wasn’t great either. It was a lukewarm read. I never really got into it. The pace was uneven by bits fast and rush by other bits it seems to drag on irrelevant plot points. From my perspective, it lacks editing. The story itself is good and interesting feels like a queer moderne supernatural Roméo&Juliette with some twist and turn.


If you like the werewolf/supernatural genre you should probably check it out. Try the ebook sample. 


It is another addition to the forbidden queer love and a sprinkle of homophobic parents subgenre. 

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