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Going Up


Going Up


By A.E. Raddley


Not so classic rags-to-riches story


So if you are already fond of Raddley and a sucker for Ice Queen, read no more. AND GET YOURSELF Going Up now. Just be aware it ain’t your typical romance. 


This story is a refreshing light in the lesfics world. Or should I say in the romance lesfic world? Why do you ask me? Well, while there is a lot of crushy feeling between wlw characters and all, but, honestly that’s the sub-plot and I’ve adored that fact. 


The story is basically on two characters; Selina an Ice Queen businesswoman whose laser focuses on her career advancement and Kate a brave woman whose circumstances have pushed to homelessness. Luck or Destiny (choose your pick) made those women cross path, how they meet was … less than pleasant. Despite that fact, their encounter will set a series of events, of opportunities, of difficulties and challenges that will change both of their lives for the better or so they think. 


This novel is about life, about growing as a person, about sometimes a helping hand is what you need no matter how accepting it might be hard. But more than anything about how sometimes when you think you’re the one helping, in fact, you’re the one getting helped.


Going Up, is a lesson in life. 



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