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Between The Line by KD Williamson

Between the Line 

By KD Williamson 




New Orleans, post-Katrina. One psychiatrist MD, one beat cop. Written by KD Williamson -the author behind BAM1. Do I really need to give you more information before you rush out to buy it?  

Still here? 

I’ll guess I’ll write a proper review then! 


Most (if not all) books by KD Between the Line are diverse in terms of races and body type. Every single character is multi-dimensional, even the token straight couple is good! Who knew THE STRAIGHT™ could be so cute and lovable!  


That installment into the Cops&Docs universe is still a romance but also deals with important issues. Especially familial homophobia, for me there are two types of homophobia inside a family. The direct type, and the insidious type.  

 The direct type is easy to spot, it ranges from kicking out queer kids to simply being vocal about how abnormal queerness is, or just pretending that no one in your family is queer –when someone is.  Unfortunately, Dr. Tonya is a victim of this. 

The insidious type is well, more insidious. It’s when family members love you, celebrate your queerness but still associate and validate people who … well … invalidate you. While being more bearable, it still leaves emotional scars. Scars that influence Haley's perception of life, and her way to bond with others.  


The sensitivity with which KD wrote both realities is astonishing. The emotional journey for the protagonist and the reader is remarkable. But it does not stop with this, the author also tackles with as much if not more skills topics like racism, bi-racial racisms, classism, elitism and other social injustice. To do so in a romance, and not be lecturing is proof of KD's talent and work.  

On top of being a Rom-Com, this story is BTL is a deep reflection on love, life, friendship, responsibility, and loyalty, it is a story that I highly recommend.   

Let’s not forget who wrote it tho, expect sex, expect turmoil, expect angst, expect strong strap-on game.  



1 Black and Brown Author Matter 


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