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Uncharted by Robyn Nyx


By Robyn Nyx 

Tomb Raider on Steroids 


So, imagine if, by magic, someone, could mash up Lara Croft with Indiana Jones and Nathan Drake and every other fictional Archeologist/Treasure Hunter/Adventurer into one, or two, epic characters. You would get half the Awesomeness of Nyx protagonist gave us. You know what the queerness is maxed up in this. And we love it.  


That story is a full-blown action cover to cover, pages after pages adventure awaits the reader. That does not mean that the psychological character arc development is set aside. There is a lot of deep internal turmoil for the characters, as well as for the reader. Who will get to the treasure first? Will it be worth it? Was it necessary? Is it decent to shed blood for it? I cannot any of these questions for the characters but as readers? More than heck yes! 

That story is a joy ride!   


If jam-pack action wrap up in mysteries and adventure does not seal the deal for you, I can sweeten it by telling you this: Knife cutting sexual tension. Women loving women sexual tension. Do not worry my little horny sweat pea. You’ll get your naughty scenes.  



It’s a good book to escape the real world.  


We all need escapism.  



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