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Bring Holly Home


Bring Holly Home Amanda Radley Heartsome

Bring Holly Home

A.E. Radley


Above Average, Below Perfection


Full disclosure, I am a fan of A.E. Radley. But this story missed its mark for me. It is good, however, it is lacking that magic touch that made Radley character’s so relatable in previous books.


Let’s start with the good points -  the storytelling is organic, the plot is light and there aren’t any obvious plot holes. The biggest weakness for me is that during the read I kept sensing the ghost of Devils Wear Prada, which was the inspiration behind this book. That is not necessarily a bad thing,  because well, it is woman loving woman fiction after all, but, it was like a shadow clouding the uniqueness of the story.

The minor characters are delightful, especially Alexia - who is a cute spoiled brat with a big heart. Both MC’s are bisexual (or maybe pan?) women, which is uber awesome for bi-visibility. Aside from that both MC’s lack depth for me, I am used to better with this author.


All in all, it is worth the money (just under 9US$ for ebook) and a good investment - don’t be shy to try it.


ARC review.



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