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Big Girl Pill

Big Girl Pill 

By K D Williamson

Slow Ignition, Big Kaboom 


It’s some great Williamson here. The story takes a while to pick up. At least more so than her usual story. The decor and protagonist set up takes a bit, but it is so worth it. 


While Maya is my favorite character in the book. In my humble opinion, Nina is the true character to focus on. Her development is gargantuan. She’s everything we want to be when we feel less than. She is not perfect, actually, she is pretty flawed, she hurts some people, let others controlled her and her life for a time. But through her journey, she found her inner strength and reclaim her own identity, she atones for her mistake and grew. Goddess above did she grew!


On the other hand, Maya is the runaway forward type of person. The one that seizes an opportunity after another to project the idea that she is moving on and maybe convincing herself too. In truth, what she does is stalling, she avoids working on her issues by keeping busy. 


Both their individuals’ journeys are fantastic to read. To me, it got to the point where it did not matter anymore if I got a hallmark romance or not. I was rooting for them both in their own path of self-discovery more than I was hoping for them to sail happily ever after into the sunset. I was cheering for them to become the healthiest version of themselves. And THAT’S why I’ve enjoyed this story as much as I did.


But, let’s not forget it’s a romance by KD Williamson. There is love. There is sex. There are drugs. There are tasty foods that I can’t try because I don’t live in the USA and all that hot sauce makes me drool and I am mad!


So yeah. Just read it. 


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