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By Fletcher DeLancey


Nerves of steel


I have two things to say about this book.

One: It is a masterpiece.

Two: It is as painful as hell to read.

Consider yourself warned.


Friendly tip, do not read it when you are feeling down - the plot is nerve-wracking and heart-breaking, but Fletcher was merciful, and has used a framed narrative style  - a story within a story- for this book. As a result of the narrative choice you know from chapter 1 that your favorites characters are well - but not unscathed. It is this knowledge that allows you to keep on reading. Many readers (me included) have confessed that without this information they could not have gone through the darkest part of the book. The angst in this story is so high there is not enough valium in the world to make it painless.


Catalyst is another home run by Fletcher. She will make you feel, make you cry, make you plan to torture and murder, and when you think you can breathe, that you can heal, she will break you more - just for fun. The weirdest thing? You will beg for more. Because the storytelling is just that good.


Some story arcs are close in this book but others are open. It brings to light some minor characters, less used until then, like Vellmar and Lanaril - their side story is a breath of fresh air in this intense plot. The choice to give more book time to minor characters is not pointless - it is a hint that the next book of the series might not be focusing on the same main protagonist, and that is a good thing. As much as I love Andira, Salomen, Ekatya, and Lhyn there is only so much an author can do with the same set of characters before turning the story into The Bold and The Beautiful. Fear not dear reader your favorite protagonists won’t vanish into the night, it is just highly possible that another will take a  bit more of the spotlight - if only to enrich the plot.



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