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Conflict Of Interest


Conflict of Interest

By Jae

Two Books in One


I can’t stress this enough. TRIGGER WARNING FOR ALL OF THIS BOOKS. If reading about ANYTHING related to sexual assault triggers you, DON’T READ THIS BOOK. It’s the ransom when you’re a hardworking talent author like Jae. Your words are so real they might hurt some of your readerships. Now that this important note is out of the way. Let the reviewing begin!


One of the main protagonists is a Detective in the sexual assault division, while the other is a sexual assault survivor counselor. The cherry on top is that the story itself is about a case the Detective is investigating. Hence, the trigger warning


While reading the first portion of the story it did not felt like a romance at all. Which is weird for Jae. And I loved it. It was all about two queer women meeting in a fortuitous manner time and time again, but always in a sort of work-related way. From my perspective, the book was about the case. Only about the case. Sure, it was also about creating new connections, new friendship and sending an asshole rot in jail. Up to that point, I thought the story was about that. That I was reading the conclusion, then I’ve realized that I was only at mid-book mark. 


WTF an epilogue that long was not possible. That’s when I knew I was wrong. That’s when I’ve figured it out. All of that great story I’ve read until now was only the set up for a love story built on a tragic background. Wich left a bittersweet feeling with me. Don’t get me wrong the second half is great. But more … I dunno … classic? And predictable? Anyway, I’ve already loved the characters so the rest of the read was a joy regardless.  

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