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Definite Possibility- Or not.

Definite Possibility- Or not.


Definite Possibility (Bay West Series #3)

by Maggie Cummings

Definite intolerance


This book was a big disappointment. I had high hopes for a such highly-praised series. I wanted to love it and I didn’t, but let's start with the good aspects before highlighting everything that irked me.  


The story and narration has a L Word vibe, which is nice. A lot of lesbian, some happy, some having trouble, some being downright jerks, but together they present a multidimensional portrait of the lesbian community. The writing style is pleasant to read.  That's the nice part.


Now, the not-so-nice aspects.


Many characters show biphobic tendencies to downright biphobia. Bisexual individuals are portrayed as serial cheaters and commitment-phobic. One couple have a secret polyamour -or open, that part isn’t clear- relationship. Of course someone (I think it was Meg) saw one of the couple being unfaithful, and gossips about this with another of her friends. The friend informs  the witness that the couple are in fact in a polyamourous relationship. What do the two gossiping ladies do then? They bash the non-monogamous couple, stating that they cannot be a couple and how weird it is.  Another thing that pissed me off  is how the protagonists keep praising goldstar lesbian like it was some kind of award. Get over it, it’s so last century and no one cares anymore. Many characters have jealousy issues, and not the cute kind, the kind that could evolve into abuse  -it’s not to that point yet- but still, this is a red flag for me. Not cool. And guess what? Jealousy is glorified too.


Guess what the rant isn’t over yet. Ethnic diversity? Why bother? Body type Diversity? To what purpose? Variety on the wlw (woman love woman)? Not in the slightest. And let’s use all the stereotype in world, but a Butch player -amazing lover that love to receive strap-on blow job - falling in love with a Femme that will tame her and show her the true way to love,monogamy- no, thank you.


Not my cup of tea. I don't recommend.


That being said, if you read the first Bay West book and love them, bee my guest and read this one too. I just can’t stand discrimination.


ARC review.

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