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The Roommate Arrangement

1st Edition Cover

1st Edition Cover

The Roommate Arrangement 

By Jae


Or how to use tropes


Jae is an author that does not need an introduction anymore in the lesfic microcosm. The quality of her writing is well established, no one could argue with that. 


The Roommate Arrangement makes no exceptions. It is a nice romance with lovable characters. The pacing of the story is on point, the protagonists are endearing, but in my humble opinion, the plot itself felt flat. It lacks depth and “action”. The scenes, the moments blend into each other into a beautiful melody while ... nothing really happens. Normally I am all for a story only focussing on character development, making the character’s inner journey the plot itself, for some reason it did not satisfy me this time. Maybe I was expecting too much from a writer I love, maybe not, that will be for each reader to decide. 


Now that this is out of the way, let dive into the positive.


The highlight of this story is hands down - Rae Coleman. Best personage I’ve read in a while. The personal loss Rae experience before the book even start is extensive, her personal growth during the story is astonishing. It was a delight to read her development page after page. As any Jae’s reader would know, many of her books are interconnected, sometimes as simple cameo other times, it is more deeply rooted, that gives me hope that I will read about her again in another setting. I am sure I have a hell lot more to learn from Rae and cannot wait to do so. 




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