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Journey's end Review


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Journey’s End (Flight Series Book3)

A.E. Radley


Noooo I don’t wanna it to end!


Journey’s End, as the title suggests, is the conclusion of the adventure of the family love story. * Grunt* To me it felt anything but time for the end. Probably because I am a slut, a total fan of this series and just always see the potential for more, more plot arc’s, more cute moments, more drama, more psychological characteristic to exploit, just MORE. Yes I am selfish and want it to continue forever.


This last instalment has everything we loved about the Flight Series. Clever character interaction, a realistic victory for those who might think differently, emotional and intellectual development, child cuteness and more.


AE Radley has tackled some interesting subject in this book like workplace harassment, the challenges of maintaining a long distance relationship,  a child with atypical educational needs, to name a few. Despite the seriousness of those arc plots, the light and funny tone of the writing never stops. It makes us believe that being different is more than ok, it is natural.


In short I recommend Journey’s End to everyone, but start with book 1 please?



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