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Out of Practice


Out of Practice

(Legal Affairs Romance V.2)

By Carsen Taite

Wedding Makes People Nuts


So, this is the 2nd installment in Legal Affairs Romance. While it is not a requirement to had read the first one - Practice Makes Perfect - I would suggest to you: do it. It really does add depth to some characters, and general context to the story. 


This book, probably like every book by Carsen Taite is a rom-com through and through. 


If there was ever a movie adaptation of this book it would be made by “Lesbian Hallmark”. And we deserve those cute unbelievable stories. I mean, come on! Who can say no to a: stranger-to-lover-to-enemies-to-lover story? (Ok, maybe me but not this time). Carsen Taite play with the reader in this book, so many twists and turn, she brings you exactly where she wants you; Completly heads over heels for her characters and their happiness. From page one, you know how it’s going to end, but the journey is so fun as a reader jumps in every hoop with pleasure. 


I would place Practice Makes Perfect into the “Pick-Me-Up” pile. A good book to evade reality.

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