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Practice Makes Perfect


Practice Makes Perfect 

(A Legal Affairs Romance Volume 1)

By Carsen Taite

Pleasantly Unbelievable Romance


This book is the first one in Carsen Taite Legal Affairs Romance. This series follows three lawyers, three friends, that basically throw away their very lucrative Carrere, in hope to be happier in life.  By doing so, in Practice Makes Perfect Cambell Clark put herself and her best friends in a very tricky situation. And by that I mean she fucks up a big deal. 


If you are looking for a Rom-Com that will make you forget the real world. This book might be for you. The legal intrigue is great to dive into, which is a nice bonus, but the real treat is the steamy relationship between Clark and Garrity -it’s off the charts. Two hard-working, badass women, who excel at their job and need to tear down the other to survive. So as I said, steamy relationship. 


For anyone, having a healthy work/personal life balance can be hard. Now, imagine, if you were your own boss. Everything is your problem. You can’t turn off the work issues at the end of the day, because there is no end of the day. You put all your eggs in the same basket, the fallout of failing is more daunting than only searching for a new job. In that context, what is worth sacrificing? What concession should be made to keep your business? And what about your personal life? Is love worth it? Is freedom worth it? I would advise you to make up your own mind on that subject, by reading this book. 

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