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chronicles of alsea

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Outcaste By Fletcher DeLancey The road to hell is paved with good intentions I was eager and anxious to read the...

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Vellamar the Blade (Chronicles of Alsea #5)

Vellmar the Blade (Book #5 The Chronicles of Alsea) By Fletcher DeLancey Who is the real hero? The narrative style...

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Catalyst By Fletcher DeLancey Nerves of steel I have two things to say about this book. One: It is a masterpiece....

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Without a Front: The Warrior's Challenge

Without a Front: The Warrior’s Challenge By Fletcher DeLancey Back to Action In the third book of the series, the...

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Without a Front: The Producer's Challenge

Without a Front: The Producer’s Challenge By Flecther DeLancey The flower that blooms in arid conditions is the...

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The Caphenon (Chronicles of Alsea #1)

The Caphenon (The Chronicles of Alsea #1) By Fletcher DeLancy Or how to fall in love with a book in less than 5...

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Caste me in!

Book series The Chronicles of Alsea by Fletcher DeLancey A Journey Bigger Than Life When I first heard about The...

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