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Conflict Of Interest

Conflict of Interest By Jae Two Books in One I can’t stress this enough. TRIGGER WARNING FOR ALL OF THIS BOOKS....

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Going Up

Going Up By A.E. Raddley Not so classic rags-to-riches story So if you are already fond of Raddley and a sucker...

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The Roommate Arrangement

1st Edition Cover The Roommate Arrangement By Jae Or how to use tropes Jae is an author that does not need an introduction...

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The Wrong McElroy

The Wrong McElroy By KL HUGHES Who doesn’t like a nice Rom-Com? You? Well pass your way then, neither this review...

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Bitten By Her

Bitten by Her By Annabelle Jacobs Where to began? Usually, as soon as I’ve finished a book I know what I thought...

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Death Wears Yellow Garters

Death Wears Yellow Garters By Rae D. Magdon Long-time no read eh? Here I am tho. With a brand new review for a...

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Wild Rides: And Other Lesbian Erotic Adventure

Wild Rides: And Other Lesbian Erotic Adventures. Publish by: DirtRoad The first thing to know, Wild Rides is an...

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29/09/2018 Publié depuis Overblog

Greengage Plots Review

Greengage Plots Emma Sterner-Radley An insular chronicle Where to begins? I still feel lukewarm about this book,...

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The Music & The Mirror

The Music & The Mirror Lola Keeley Center Stage but with women loving women So better! Keeley ace her literary...

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OUT Claire Highton-Stevenson A story about luck The character of Michelle charmed me. Their is something so true...

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