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Between The Line by KD Williamson

Between the Line By KD Williamson New Orleans, post-Katrina. One psychiatrist MD, one beat cop. Written by KD Williamson...

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Out of Practice

Out of Practice (Legal Affairs Romance V.2) By Carsen Taite Wedding Makes People Nuts So, this is the 2nd installment...

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Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect (A Legal Affairs Romance Volume 1 ) By Carsen Taite Pleasantly Unbelievable Romance This...

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Big Girl Pill

Big Girl Pill By K D Williamson Slow Ignition, Big Kaboom It’s some great Williamson here. The story takes a while...

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31/12/2019 Publié depuis Overblog

The Wrong McElroy

The Wrong McElroy By KL HUGHES Who doesn’t like a nice Rom-Com? You? Well pass your way then, neither this review...

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29/09/2018 Publié depuis Overblog

Greengage Plots Review

Greengage Plots Emma Sterner-Radley An insular chronicle Where to begins? I still feel lukewarm about this book,...

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Crossing the blurred lines

Blurred Lines (Cops&Docs1) Crossing Lines (Cops&Docs2) KD Williamson The 2 that should have been 1 Blurred Lines...

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OUT Claire Highton-Stevenson A story about luck The character of Michelle charmed me. Their is something so true...

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01/12/2017 Publié depuis Overblog

Vegan Pot Luck - The food kind!

Pot Luck www.potluckwebseries.com A revelation Must Watch. Seriously. You must. I started it out of boredom. It...

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13/11/2017 Publié depuis Overblog

Second Chances

The Art of Us by KL Hughes Another soulmate story The Art Of Us is a romantic drama - I am in two minds about whether...

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