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Wild Magic By May Dawney

Wild Magic By May Dawney Wild Magic is to a novel, what a web show is to a TV show. Just as good, in a different...

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Death Before Dessert by A.E. Radley

Death Before Dessert By A.E. Radley (Amanda Radley ) Agatha Christie, but Queer In my humble opinion, Radley hit...

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Between The Line by KD Williamson

Between the Line By KD Williamson New Orleans, post-Katrina. One psychiatrist MD, one beat cop. Written by KD Williamson...

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Uncharted by Robyn Nyx

Uncharted By Robyn Nyx Tomb Raider on Steroids So, imagine if, by magic, someone, could mash up Lara Croft with...

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Out of Practice

Out of Practice (Legal Affairs Romance V.2) By Carsen Taite Wedding Makes People Nuts So, this is the 2nd installment...

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Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect (A Legal Affairs Romance Volume 1 ) By Carsen Taite Pleasantly Unbelievable Romance This...

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Conflict Of Interest

Conflict of Interest By Jae Two Books in One I can’t stress this enough. TRIGGER WARNING FOR ALL OF THIS BOOKS....

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Climbing The Ladder

Climbing The Ladder By A.E. Raddley Polaroïd Of LBT Culture The decor of Climbing The Ladder is set in the magazine...

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Big Girl Pill

Big Girl Pill By K D Williamson Slow Ignition, Big Kaboom It’s some great Williamson here. The story takes a while...

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Going Up

Going Up By A.E. Raddley Not so classic rags-to-riches story So if you are already fond of Raddley and a sucker...

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