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Meet Me at 10

Meet Me at 10 By Vicky Jones and Claire Hackney Not for sensitive souls Meet Me at 10 is heartbreaking. Beautiful...

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Four Steps

Four Steps By Wendy Hudson Clever title My expectations were pretty high for this book and mostly delivered I was...

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Must Read

The Brutal Truth By Lee Winter A free psychotherapy lesson Wow! I didn't think a romance could swallow me like...

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Tipping toe

Little Dip - Garoul series Book 5 - By Gill McKnight The beginning I have not read any other book in the Garoul...

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Second Chances

The Art of Us by KL Hughes Another soulmate story The Art Of Us is a romantic drama - I am in two minds about whether...

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Party Wall

Party Wall by Cheyenne Blue Overcoming trauma one day at time. Party Wall has many pluses and many details I loved...

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Spy Comedy

Stockholm Syndrome By Miranda MacLeod Spy burlesque I do not know what I was expecting. But it was not this. Actually,...

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You can't kill people for Christmas!

Carmilla Christmas Special Co-created by Jordan Hall , Steph Ouaknine and Jay Bennett Fleeing back to square one...

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The Original Vampire Story

Carmilla By Sheridan LeFanu Dracula, but older and lesbian Carmilla is a gothic novella published for the first...

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Dear Taylor

Dear Taylor (Book 1 - Letters to War) by E ija Jimenez Unexpected Bond Dear Taylor is one of my all-time favorite...

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