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Second Chances


The Art of Us

by KL Hughes


Another soulmate story


The Art Of Us is a romantic drama - I am in two minds about whether or not I liked it.


I guess I am lukewarm about it because it uses the soulmate/true love trope that I don’t particularly love.


I could not empathize with any of the main characters. They felt too focused on themselves to make them relatable. The worst part is that I felt they were rewarded after having emotionally cheated on their respective partners. They both waited to be dumped, before re-finding each other in a romantic capacity. I guess that it is their passiveness that made me mad. They don’t own their choice. On the other hand, their story is just so cute. First lovers reunited at last when the time is finally right.


Don’t get me wrong -  it is a nice drama/romance, however, it would be good if had more of, well, everything. Meaningful moments, characters development, more of the lead characters taking their destiny into their hands. Just more. That lack of depth made the story unrealistic for me. That is something I can overlook in a rom-com but not in a drama.


One final comment - I feel there are some major editing problems with the book. The story goes back and forth in the timeline. It is a nice approach, and the writing is well done. But the format is confusing. Sometimes I had to re-read the same section more than once to figure out if it was in the past or the present. The simple addition of dates or the words flashback before a flashback would have made the read sooooo much more easier. I am sure that there is a better way to edit this book.


If you feel like your life lacks angst-y books, then this one might be for you.


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