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Book series The Chronicles of Alsea

by Fletcher DeLancey

A Journey Bigger Than Life


When I first heard about The Chronicles of Alsea, I was less than convinced. Yet they kept praising it.

"You must read it" they said, "It's the best Sci-Fi book series ever," they said.

I was less than eager to read it. After all, for me -as for many others- Sci-Fi rhymed with sexism, woman objectification, lazy writing and unrealistic plot line. Nothing that would entice me. Then I met someone who, when I was feeling really bad, give me a copy of the first book -The Caphenon. That day changed my life.

The Caphenon and all of the CoA series is full of strong women, but more than that, Fletcher DeLancey - the author- is a science nerd, and so she has made sure that everything had a logical explanation. DeLancey has thought of every single detail, from time unit to language, and so much more, like how alien species communicate.

Not one, not two, but three strong women lead the first book of the series. A big plus is that this also contains a solid wlw (woman love woman) romantic relationship. Don't be mislead -it's not a romance, but it's about people, love, and the choices made through love. It's a shekking space-opera adventure with kick-ass characters. You'll learn a new language in a piptick!

Let yourself be charmed by an original proposal and fall in love with a story where humans aren't necessarily the good guys...


Book 1- The Caphennon

Book 2- Without a Front: Producer's Challenge

Book 3- Without a Front: Warrior's Challenge

Book 4- Catalyst

Book 5- Vellmar The Blade

Book 6- Outcaste (Octobre 27th 2017)

Book 7- Uprising (TBD)


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