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Sweat (Moving On #2)

Sweat (Moving On #2)


Sweat (Moving On #2)

By Adan Ramie


A stand alone into a series


For full disclosure, I did not read the first book of the Moving On series. Nor did I read any other books by Adan Ramie. 


That being said. 


Here’s my review. The whole point of this book (and presumably of the series) is the self-rediscovery after major trauma. The idea is very interesting. How to stay yourself when life takes away a dominant trait of your personality - of your identity. That’s the challenge that Haley must face to feel whole again. And in my opinion, it should have been the focal point of the story. Ramie chose a different direction, she chooses to give romance a principal narrative that does not necessarily serve the personal growth of the character, at least not to their full extent. 


There is a mystery -regarding the date of a minor character- going one that kinda messes up with Haley's mind for the most part of the book, and while it is enjoying, it makes the plot to burdensome by moment, rather than make it a page-turner. Haley is a having lot happening to her and around her, she stays very human through it all with flaw and quality that make her real, that makes her feel. And it's one of the highlights of this story.  


From my perspective, Ramie had a lot of great ideas but it did not always translate well on paper. It might be because I straight up, started with book 2, or not. Now it is time for you to make your own opinion. 


It’s a pleasant read, but not a memorable one. 



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Adan Ramie 02/02/2020 06:06

Kam, thanks for your review!