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The Music & The Mirror


The music and the mirror the musique and the miror ylva lesfic

The Music & The Mirror

Lola Keeley


Center Stage but with women loving women

So better!


Keeley ace her literary debut. The Music & The Mirror is a delight from prologue to epilogue.


The reader dive into a very hermetic world: Classical Dance. If you thought boot camp was hard you know nothing of Ballet training. The tension is felt in the first few pages, yet Keeley succeeds in avoiding or flipping usually cliché such as women jealousy in workplace or heart promiscuous lesbian changing for THAT woman. While this book can be considered as a contemporary romance, the romance is the not what drives the plot. A corporate intrigue does. And it is so good. It allows the characters to have rooms to grow and evolve so that maybe down the line, a romance can blossom. In a truly organic way.


Anna evolution is a bliss to witness she grow so much both personally and professionally. Victoria, on the other hand, is already past the peak of her professional journey until she beat institutionalize sexism and… well, read to know.

Some side characters like Anna’s sister or dancer friends spice up the humor portion, creating a nice balance between ballet scene, intrigue, steamy intercourse, and laugh.


I totally recommended.

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