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Popcorn Love


Popcorn Love

by KL Hughes

THE wlw Rom-Com


Popcorn Love is sickeningly sweet… in a good way. It is the perfect reappropriation of the Hollywoodian Rom-Com trope, minus the sexist s***. It is a feel good book that will make you laugh and cheer.


Quick rundown of the book. Elena is a very stuck-up single mom and a New York elite businesswoman. She looks like she has it all, except- her love life is less than active and she couldn’t care less about it. The only person for her is her three year old son Lucas. Unfortunately for her, her best friend, Vivian, takes it upon her to match the single mom. Man or woman, no matter who, she swears to find the noble heart that will charm Elena. Reluctantly Elena agrees but a single mom can’t start dating like that! Enter the babysitter Allison- a much younger woman, and a student at New York University.


See? This contains all the ingredients for a good Rom-Com. KL Hughes deliver it with wit. A brilliant use of clichés, spun in a new light. She wrote Lucas with accuracy - a hard task for a character of that age. The entire build up is a delight to read, and the family interaction will make you swoon.


A good choice for all hallmark movie lovers out there, and anyone who want to unwind and enjoy a tastefully written plot.  



Popcorn Love book club read is live from Wednesday Octobre 18th to Tuseday Octobre 24th


You can come and discuss with other lesfics reader at : www.facebook.com/groups/kamsqueerficpantry/



Get your copy here: getBook.at/popcornlove

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