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Without a Front: The Producer's Challenge



Without a Front: The Producer’s Challenge

By Flecther DeLancey


The flower that blooms in arid conditions is the strongest, and the most precious


   The second installment in the CoA series is drastically different. The tone of the narrative is almost a polar opposite. That being said the writing is just as fantastic.


In this second book, Fletcher deepens our understanding of the Alsean society. Following the Voloth war Lancer Tal is left with much to do - reunify her Caste and all of the Alsean people, plan for an interplanetary alliance and trade deal, weight the pro and cons of using all new technologies available, choose the best course of action for her people and so much more. Needless to say, the job is colossal and not everyone is in her corner. Some like Salomen Opah - a producer - have the courage and strength to stand up against the Lancer and state their views, their fear and their hopes for Alsea. It is when people with integrity like Salomen Opah and Andira Tal chose to confront their vision and work together for a better Alsea, that ordinary citizens can dream of the best outcome possible. Unfortunately, some will always choose the shadows for their nefarious plans, setting events in motion that could mean the end of the civilization. The whole book is an amazing immersion in a fascinating culture, completely different yet similar to earth culture.


The first time you will read it (trust me you will read it more than once) you will probably think you have reached Twilight zone.  Cue X-files music. The Chronicles of Alsea morphed into a romance! Worry not. Yes, it is true that Lancer Tal love life is central to the first part of Without a Front: Producer’s Challenge, but it is essential for the next step in this adventure. On your second read, you will discover (or rediscover in a new light) clues for off-scene elements that form the basis of captivating political intrigue that unfolds in Without a Front: Warrior’s Challenge. Every decision the Lancer take seems bound to come back and bite her in the ass. While some consequences can be funny, other can screw with Alsea’s future. That is a lot of pressure to endure.


When WaF: Producer’s Challenge starts, Lancer Tal had next to no one in her inner circle to rely on, either in her personal or professional life. When the book ends she has way more resources, but it is still limited. Now the question is- will all those new people help her fight the biggest personal challenge she ever had to face so far? Or will they hinder her?


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